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Sikkim is still a country for China

August 27, 2008

By Dipankar Chakraborty
The Statesman, India
August 26, 2008

New Delhi, August 25 - Call it a bizarre show of ignorance or a
deliberate ploy to drag Sikkim into a fresh controversy, the Chinese
government, in its latest publication has not shown the state as a
part of India but as an independent country along with Nepal, Bhutan
and Myanmar.

Map which clearly shows Sikkim an as independent country.

The Chinese government from time to time has been making claims to a
part of Sikkim. A closure was achieved when China officially conceded
that Sikkim was a part of India. But the latest book from China ~
Social History of Tibet, China- Documented And Illustrated, published
by China Intercontinental Press revives apprehensions about China's
intentions about Sikkim. The book, edited by Mr Jin Hui Ren and
designed by Jizhi Sun Siyo, forms part of the Chinese government's
fresh propaganda material to establish that "Tibet is Inseparable
Part of China", which is the title of the first chapter of the book.
It is reportedly being widely circulated by the Chinese Embassy here.
The 96-page book (ISBN number 978-7-80113-022-8), contains a map
which clearly shows Sikkim an as independent country and not as a
part of India. The map shows the geographic location of "Tibet
Autonomous Region" as part of China.

Going by recent developments and past Chinese expansionist tactics,
the depiction of Sikkim may not appear as innocuous as the Chinese
government would have people believe. In June this year, Chinese
People's Liberation Army personnel illegally entered Indian territory
in Sikkim and returned after spending some time there. The
transgression, according to reports, took place near the "Finger
Area" and it came in the backdrop of China's claim over 2.1 sq km of
land in north Sikkim.
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