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Focused on talks,Tibetans play down China`s criticism of Dalai Lama

August 29, 2008

Bureau Report
ZEE News
August, 27 2008

Dharamsala, Aug 27 -- Playing down China's fresh outburst against the
Dalai Lama, his spokesman has said the monk's representatives are in
touch with Beijing to finalise the date for the next round of talks
on the Tibet issue.

"China has been raising accusing fingers on the Dalai Lama without
any evidence to substantiate it... there is no no truth in the latest
charge too," the Dalai Lama's secretary and spokesman Tenzin Takhla
told PTI here

He was reacting to Chinese Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang's
remarks yesterday asking the Tibetan spiritual leader to stop his
"separatist" activities and take "concrete actions" for future talks
while commenting on the Dalai Lama's visit to France, including his
meeting with the French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

"There is nothing new in it...time and again Beijing has been
levelling baseless allegations against him," Takhla said, adding "the
entire world knows that Dalai Lama stands for peace and had always
worked for amicable solution to the vexed Tibetan problem."

Takhla said during the last meeting between China and special envoys
of the Dalai Lama it was decided that the next round of talks will be
held sometimes in October.

"The Tibetan side is in touch with the Chinese authorities to
finalise a suitable date in October for next round of talks to move
further towards finding a peaceful solution to the Tibetan problem,"
Takhla added.

Meanwhile, sources in the Dalai Lama office said the noble laureate
will participate in a protest called by Tibetan Solidarity Committee
here on August 30.
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