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Chinese Govt under able leadership can find solution to Tibet: Gen Vinod Saighal

September 8, 2008

Punjab Newsonline
Saturday, 06 September 2008

DHARAMSALA: Former major general of the Indian army, Maj Gen (Retd) 
Vinod Saighal, underlined that "the Chinese government under a 
leadership with a caliber of statesmanship and maximum authority 
could facilitate an amicable resolution of the issue of Tibet."

Major General Saighal was addressing an exclusive gathering of 
officials of the Central Tibetan Administration, on a lecture titled 
'Appraising China', organised by the  Tibetan Parliamentary and 
Policy Research Centre at Gangchen Kyishong today.

He said his connection with the Tibetan people started in 1999, when 
received a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He said China under the leadership of Deng-Xiaoping saved the country 
from shame and destruction caused during Cultural Revolution, and 
ushered in a policy of reform and liberalization on to the path of 
remarkable progress.

"We hope, pray and look forward to a great Chinese leadership, who 
will acknowledge the unimaginable suffering and destructions 
inflicted on Tibetan people and every aspect of its rich heritage and 
bring a mutually acceptable solution to resolve the issue of Tibet," 
he added.

He said, "Even though China has all the cards and everything is in 
its favour, but he has full hope and believe, that one day, the issue 
of Tibet will be resolved," adding that "If I don't believe and hope, 
I should not be here today to give this talk."

While saying that every problem has a solution and by anticipation, 
we will be able to shape the future, he said: "Change will come in 
China and there is hope for peace in South East Asia and Tibet."

He said that the people of India will always extend moral support and 
stand in solidarity with the Tibetan cause.

After the talk, he also answered to questions from the audience.

Major General Saighal retired from the Indian Army in 1995. He has 
since written several articles on a vast range of subjects and is the 
author of the internationally acclaimed books, including 'Third 
Millennium Equipoise, Dealing with Global Terrorism:The Way Forward 
and Global Security Paradoxes: 2000-2020'.

Currently he is the Executive Director of Eco Monitors Society (EMS), 
a non-governmental organization concerned with demography and 
ecology. After retirement he founded the Movement for Restoration of 
Good Governance (MRGG). In 2000 he was invited to join the 
Institutional Advisory Board of USFSS (United States Federation of 
Scientists and Scholars).
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