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His Holiness Arrives in Ise, Mie Prefecture of Japan

November 20, 2007

By the Tibet House, Japan, 17th November 2007

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the entourage members left Kanazawa 
this morning for Ise transiting through Nagoya, where he gave brief 
audience to Gyudmed Monastery`s Khensur and to some Tibetans living 
in the city. The entourage reached Ujiyamada station of Ise at 1530 
hours. Mr. Iwana Hideki, Chairman of Mie Prefectural Assembly 
welcomed him on behalf of the people of Mie prefecture. At Kogakkan 
University, Mr. Uesugi Chisato and Mr. Ban Isoshiro, Chairman and the 
President of the Kogakkan University respectively received him and 
led him to the University complex where Ise Forum is scheduled next day.

Ise International Religious Forum has invited His Holiness as a key 
speaker at their seminar on `Religious Harmony` at Kogakkan 
University. The Forum has arranged a short press briefing, wherein 
good numbers of national and local medias have participated. Four 
Tibetan journalists from India have also visited to cover the visit 
of His Holiness in Japan. On the question of continuation of Dalai 
Lama institution, he replied that three possibilities could be 
thought of. First is the election of 15th Dalai Lama. Second is that 
he can appoint one and the third option is to follow the traditional 
way of searching for the reincarnation. Here His Holiness emphasized 
that should his reincarnation occur while still in exile, he will be 
reborn in a free country to continue his unaccomplished task. He 
further added that it would be illogical to be reborn in a country 
where there is no possibility of continuing his mission, implying 
that his reincarnation would be in a free country.

On his impression on Ise Shrine, His Holiness said that he had 
visited places of worship of different religions throughout the 
world. `Shintoism is Japanese traditional religion, although I don`t 
know much about Shinto, I heard that it revere nature and purity. 
This is wonderful, and the Ise Shrine and its surrounding emanate 
some kind of holiness and peaceful feeling.` He said.

On 2008 Beinjing Olympic and Tibet, His Holiness said, `since 1951, 
we have 17 point agreement with Beijing government. This is something 
like one country, two systems. We have been sincerely committed to 
stay within China. Even after 1959 and the negotiations, I have been 
clearly saying we only want meaningful autonomy within the framework 
of Chinese constitution and that I am not seeking independence. But 
even now, the Chinese government is saying that I am seeking 
independence and that I am a splitist. I don`t know why.`

To the gathering of Ise Forum`s committee and the participants, he 
greeted and thanked the Forum for their warm welcome and said that 
one of his missions is to promote religious harmony among all the 
religions. Therefore he is happy to participate in this dialog. He 
said that all religions may differ in names and ideologies, but the 
basic emphasis on love and peace is universal. He said by 
participating in this Forum on `Religious Harmony` he hopes to learn 
many things from Japanese culture and religion.

Later he invited questions from the young University students and 
interacted with them on different topics. Tomorrow His Holiness will 
visit Ise Shrine to pay respect and preside over Ise International 
Religious Forum at Kogakkan University Auditorium.
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