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Chinese experts discuss development in Tibet with Austrian councilor

October 16, 2008

Editor: Sun Yunlong
October 14, 2008

WIENER NEUSTADT, Austria, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- A delegation of Chinese
Tibetologists on Monday met with Peter Wittmann, councilor of the
Social Democratic Party of Austria, and exchanged views with him on
Tibet-related issues.

During their meeting in Wiener Neustadt, some 60 kilometers from
Vienna, the delegation briefed Wittmann the social-economic
development in Tibet, especially the efforts by the central and local
governments to protect environment and boost economic growth.

Head of the delegation Shen Kaiyun said the Chinese government has
given top priority on protecting local ecological environment while
developing the economy in Tibet.

Thanks to the effective ecological environment protection measures,
the numbers of wild animals such as Tibetan antelope, wild ass and
snow leopard have all increased, said Dawa Ciren and Eri Hangdan,
members of the delegation.

Shen said that Tibet also has problems such as the shrinkage of
glaciers due to global warming.

The Chinese government has established a protection zone of 40 square
kilometers to strengthen protection of glaciers, Shen said.

Wittmann introduced to the Chinese experts Austria's experience in
waste management, sewage drainage treatment, ecological protection of
mountains and lakes, and balanced development of tourism and environment.

He said that as mountainous areas, both Austria and China's Tibetan
region face the vital issue of protecting ecological environment. He
expressed the wish to visit Tibet in the future.

The delegation's visit helps Austrians know more about a true Tibet,
Wittmann said.

Later in the day, the delegation visited the town hall of Wiener
Neustadt, and met with the city's vice mayor Isabella Siedland other
government officials.

During its three-day stay in Austria, the delegation, which arrived
in Vienna Sunday, will also meet Austrian media and exchange views
and ideas with teachers and students from the University of Vienna.
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