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Dalai Lama Warns India, China Of Western Lifestyle

November 22, 2007

November 20, 2007 8:30 a.m. EST

Vittorio Hernandez - AHN News Writer

Tokyo, Japan (AHN) - The world's two fastest growing economies' 
pursuit of material wealth in imitation of western nations will lead 
to dire consequences on global supply of goods as well as higher 
pollution levels. The Dalai Lama issued the warning Monday on his 
11th visit to Japan, as he discussed his semi retirement.

The Japan Times quoted him, "Imagine what will happen if the 2 
billion people who live in India and China acquire a typical American 
lifestyle. Each family will probably have two or three cars."

"Just think what kind of pollution this will create and the strain it 
will put on natural resources," he said.

Japan, to appease China over the Dalai Lama's journey, did not 
provide him any security detail, leading the Buddhist spiritual 
leader to hire his own bodyguards. Japan allowed him in if he will 
not engage in political activities.

He was scheduled to talk to students from two private Tokyo schools 
and at a gathering of the Japan Buddhist Association on its 50th 
anniversary. Over the weekend, he will take part in the Ise 
Interfaith Forum and pray at the Ise Shrine, one of the most 
important Shinto shrines in Japan.
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