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Free education comes to Tibet 22 years after policy announced, still woefully inadequate

November 3, 2008

Tibetan Review.
October 30, 2008

It seemed to have taken 22 years for China to realize the
implementation of free education in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

Beijing launched a policy of offering free education for children in
the TAR in 1985, reported China's online Tibet news service Oct 29. Following it, the report said, the region, in
2007, became the first in the PRC to remit tuition fee and incidental
expenses for primary and middle school students. However, free
education obviously failed to address the Tibetans' educational needs
as children continued to be sent to India while China recently
announced a deadline for Tibetan cadres and government officials to
bring their children back from schools run by the exile Tibetan government.
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