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Political Essayist Gets Three Years in Prison For Three Articles Posted Online

November 30, 2008

China Digital Times
November 26, 2008

In relation to a previous article on CDT, Chen Daojun, the
journalist/activist sentenced to three years in prison for three
articles posted online, follows a growing trend of bloggers and other
citizens being arrested for internet posts. Reporters Without Borders
reports and calls for the release of Chen Daojun:

"Chen Daojun is guilty only of expressing his views on Chinese
politics," Reporters Without Borders said. "He is the second
cyber-dissident to be convicted this year by a Chengdu court,
following Huang Qi, who was arrested on 10 June because of his online
articles criticising the management of humanitarian aid after the 12
May earthquake in Sichuan. By jailing Internet users in this fashion,
the authorities have once again shown they are unable to handle criticism."

"This is one of the most important cases in recent years," Zhang Yu
of the Independent Chinese PEN Centre told Reporters Without Borders.
"No one has been given such a severe sentence for just a handful of
articles since 2006, when Li Changqing got three years for writing
about the 2004 dengue epidemic in Fuzhou [the capital of the
southeastern province of Fujian]."

Zhang added that only one lawyer in the Chengdu region, Xiang Yang,
was notified that the trial was going to take place. He was told on
17 November. The next day, the police summoned him and asked him to
explain why he was defending Chen, whose own lawyer, Zhu Jiuhu, had
not been told.

A Tibetan activist, Walza Norzin Wangmo, was also convicted" She got
a five-year prison sentence for disseminating information about the
current situation in Tibet by telephone and Internet.

The articles in Chinese can be found on the Reporters Without Borders
website. Blogging for China has a sample of translation on one of
Chen Daojun's essays in reaction to the Lhasa riots and subsequent
Chinese nationalism in March:

The second essay brought up in court follows up on the strong
backlash from Chinese people inside China and around the world
against the disgraceful coverage of the March incident across much of
the western media. The title is  (Backgrounds of the Anti-West
Chinese) and it includes sweeping charges against all Chinese who do
not think like him [On anti-west Chinese in China]: Years of brain
washing by the CCP seriously destroyed the spirit and soul of the
Chinese. It produced generations of ignorant and stupid populace that
knows nothing about right and wrong, self esteem, human rights, and
value of life. These ignorant and stupid people are the most
mind-numb, selfish, cowardly, principle-less and calculating kind. …
They desperately need something to show their poor value and whatever
little that is left of their courage. They do not dare to take on the
dictatorship because their cowardliness and selfishness, but found a
chance when the west is boycotting Olympics and protesting crackdowns
in Tibet. ...

[On anti-west Chinese living overseas]: They are a group to be
suspected. If they love China and CCP, why do they go through all the
trouble to move overseas? Besides those who immigrated before CCP
took over the power, all overseas Chinese fall under the following types:

1) a very rare few who were seeking freedom.
2) organized political immigrants by CCP that are tasked to spy and
stir up trouble.
3) relatives of the Chinese officials who took all the blood money
stolen from the people to safe guard their fortune in a free west. …
Another fraction of them consists all those Chinese students
attending school overseas. In today's China, where are they from?
They are either children of corrupt officials or cheating businessmen. …

Read more from Chinese journalists and bloggers, like Woeser's
criticisms on the March riots on CDT.
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