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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

China shoots self on foot for remarks on Sarkozy-Lama meeting

December 17, 2008

Patriotic Vanguard - Freetown, Sierra Leone
 - Tuesday 16 December 2008.
By Amadu Barrie, Secretary, Association of Sierra Leonean Journalists in Exile (ASALJIE) Australia Inc.
The outburst of criticisms by China against France’s president meeting with the exiled Tibetan leader during the latter’s recent European tour seems more like a self-inflicting injury than a warning shot by China.
Reuters reported on Yahoo! News, quoting the official Xinhua news agency that "This development is indeed an unwise move which not only hurts the feelings of the Chinese people, but also undermines Sino-French ties."
Contrary to Chinese statements reported on the online that “The Chinese government and people firmly oppose Dalai’s activities aimed at splitting China ...” and that it stands firmly “... against any foreign leader’s contact with Dalai in any form“, the Dalai Lama has always maintained a desire for Tibet to remain part of China even at the worst of times for the Tibetan people.
With respect to the Chinese people, if a meeting with a campaigner of non-violence, non-separatist and pacifist in the form of the Dalai Lama is “unwise” and “hurtful” to the feelings of the Chinese government, similarly, what does it feel for the family, friends and supporters of millions of Sudanese civilians facing genocide on a daily basis by a ruthless Khartoum government that draws strength, support and inspiration from the Government of China?
It’s no secret that it is for the staunch military, economic and moral support that the criminal Khartoum government continues to enjoy that is hindering pressure from the international community from bearing any positive outcome on the Darfur crisis. However, being driven by greed and insensitivity China is not making any tangible efforts to bring the Sudanese genocide to an end by pressuring Khartoum even though she understands that she can do a lot more in this regard.
Communist China thinks she can separate her desperate economic aspirations from her political and moral global obligation. She should also take an objective look at her image in the mirror of human rights before she makes such statements in the future. It’s in the world’s best interest to see China develop economically but not at all costs.
For China to tell the world not to meet with the world’s most respected elder statesmen, she should stop dining and wining with rogue leaders like Omar al-Bashir and others. It’s just unfortunate for China to threaten President Nicolas Sarkozy that meeting the Lama will undermine Sino-French ties when China is not oblivious to the consequences of her relationship with Sudanese government.
The world must unite in the global fight for the protection of human liberty.
If it’s not good for the Panda, probably it’s not good for the innocent.
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