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Himalayan climbing history for auction on eBay – for Tibet

December 18, 2008 - NY,USA
Dec 16, 2008
( "Another disappointment when I put down the phone. The food industry wouldn't support my attempt on Everest as they had just signed a contract with a guy from Wyoming who had plans to carry a bottle of ketchup to the summit."
Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn is a funny guy and you might remember his opiniated satire "First on Everest" published at ExWeb shortly after the past controversial season.
Like the ancient Greeks in spite of their comedies; there is a serious side to the former climber and it's about democracy. Bob is devoted to the fight for a Free Tibet.
Putting words where his mouth is; Bob has been collecting some cool pieces of mountain memorabilia, which he now plans to sell to the highest bidder on eBay with all profits to go to Savetibet.
The items are original postcards sent 70 years ago by Bauer’s team during their attempt on the yet unclimbed Nanga Parbat (currently up for a winter first ascent). Another cool card was signed by Bonington’s 1970 team on Annapurna, and there are signed issues of Bernadette McDonald’s recent book about Tomaz Humar.
Bob described the pieces to ExWeb:
“My late father ("The General") approached the wars of the past in the very same way most of us are into the history of mountaineering."
"From the vast library he held I only have two books left; one being a rather rare inventory that the German Military was forced to hand over to the Allies when they signed the papers that ended WWII.”
Item 1#: Bauer’s greetings from Nanga Parbat
“I was not surprised to find Paul Bauer (1*) in there, being listed as a Major of the Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment,” Bob told ExWeb. “We know Bauer by now (a wee bit) and here's a card I picked up at an auction in Austria last week - at a significantly higher price!”
“The other side of the card shows a neat writing to an (as yet) unidentified recipient Mr. Wessely. And he ends with that particular salute of them days. It’s a nice print on Brovira, and as a photographer I can tell you that stuff is sorely missed in these days of digital crap...”
Item 2#: German Pioneer wishing you a merry Christmas
The second item is also related to Bauer – a Christmas card that Bob defines as a “first class gem.”
“The neat card is illustrated with an image shot on Nanga in 1938 [as per caption],” Bob explains. “It’s a clean paperwork on a neatly-mounted stylish photograph. The double-folding card also shows a clean signature.”
Item 3#: Annapurna’s Boningtom team
“Approaching the higher grounds with big - almost military styled - expeditions came to an end somewhere at the end of the 60's/ beginning of the 70's,” Bob explains. “There are expeditions that marked something of a watershed in the history of climbing. One of these was the 1970’ Annapurna South Face, led by Chris Bonington.”
All team members signed the back of the card, making of it a rewarding piece for collectors. Bob is pretty psyched about the item:
“Check some of these names and stand in awe! We have a Burke, an Estcourt, a Haston, the Villain himself, big Boysen, and the legendary Ian Clough whose death (near the end of this expedition) shed a bitter shadow over this great moment.”
“This is one of the Holier Grails, and I think I don't need to tell you these never come cheap, so when this is going it's even better for Tibet.”
Item 4#: Books signed by the author - and the climber
“Bernadette McDonald is well-known from Banff Festival, and jewels such as "Voices from the Summit", "Extreme Landscape", "I'll Call You in Kathmandu" and "Brotherhood of the Rope". Now she has a great new work out that deserves only the highest praise,” Bob states.
“ 'Tomaz Humar' is an electrifying read. It has already won her the Himalayan Club's mountain literature prize (in India), which she won previously for the Houston book "Brotherhood of the Rope".”
“She managed to ship me the last available copies of the first edition hardcover that I'll be auctioning off for the International Campaign for Tibet.”
“As an added bonus these are signed copies, not just by Bernadette, but also by Tomaz himself,” Bob pointed out.
The mentioned items are expected to be ready for aution on eBay in upcoming days.
(1*) Ed. Note: German Paul Bauer (1989-1990) led an attempt on the yet unclimbed Nanga Parbat in 1938. He had previously led two attempts on Kangchenjunga in 1930 and 1931.
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