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City to be home to rights team

December 30, 2009

Liverpool Echo - UK
Dec 29 2008
by Catherine Jones
AN international rights and humanity charity backed by the Dalai Lama is to move its base to Liverpool.
Rights And Humanity, whose patrons also include Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Cherie Blair, will establish its International Centre For Excellence in the city.
The centre will co-ordinate the organisation’s projects and offer training in human rights.
It is expected to attract people from across the world and will also work with some of Liverpool’s most disadvan- taged communities.
Rights And Humanity has run projects in Jordan and South Africa, among others.
Earlier this month, founder Julia Hausermann and Mrs Blair held a meeting with leading city figures during discussions over where to base the charity’s British headquarters.
Among those invited to give their views on a move to Liverpool were council chief executive Colin Hilton, Dean of Liverpool cathedral Justin Welby and representatives from universities, business leaders and other religious communities.
The Northwest Development Agency (NWDA) has already pledged help with renting a headquarters for a minimum of three years.
Ms Hausermann said: “We were convinced Liverpool is the appropriate city in which to establish Rights And Humanity and we have a contribution to make to the city and its people.
“It is quite clear to me the appreciation of human rights and the needs of our poorest human family members are deeply rooted in Liverpool.
“We believe supporting the establishment of our centre of excellence in Liverpool would form an important legacy of the city’s role as Capital of Culture, since respect for human rights and cultural diversity form the backbones of European culture.”
Mrs Blair said: “Liverpool as a port has always been outward-looking.
“This is a city which already gets the idea not just about people working together, but also about the value of people, the dignity of people, and that human rights is about responsibility.”
Rights And Humanity is expected to have its Liverpool base open by end of 2009.
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