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China to revive tourism industry in Tibet

January 6, 2009

Beijing, January 5,2009 (PTI) - China today slashed heavily travel and hotel costs in Tibet to revive tourist flow into the Himalayan region which recorded a drastic drop of visitors in 2008 because of huge unrest and rioting.
Hotel tariffs have been reduced by upto 70 per cent and train fare cut upto 80 per cent between Beijing and Lhasa on the journey in the train billed as'journey to the highest land'as Chinese authorities launched a new campaign to lure upto 3 million tourists to Tibet this year.
The government target is up from 2.2 million tourists last year but still short of record 4 million tourist in 2007 before the outbreak of riots by local people and the devastating earthquake in the adjoining Sichuan Province."Tibet's tourism experienced a recession, but it has been reviving," Xinhua Quoted Chairman of the Provincial government Qiangba Puncog.
He said that the riot caused caused a 69-per cent slump in the number of tourists and a 72-per cent slump in revenue in the first half of 2008, which is in sharp contrast to record in 2007 which earned the local government 4.8 billion yuan (about USD 702 million).
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