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22 Chinese Scholars & Lawyers to Boycott China Central Television

January 13, 2009

From Boxun News
22 Scholars, Lawyers (Many Also Charter 08 Signatories) Jointly Boycott China Central Television (CCTV), Oppose its Brainwashing, Declare "Four No" Policy
By (translation)
Jan 12, 2009 - 4:34:26 AM
22 Scholars, Lawyers (Many Also Charter 08 Signatories) Jointly Boycott China Central Television (CCTV), Oppose its Brainwashing, Declare "Four No" Policy
by Ling Cangzhou
"We Hereby Declare a Boycott of CCTV, Opposition to its Brainwashing"
We young Chinese scholars state: In light of the fact that CCTV News is in fact CCTV Propaganda, adopt regarding CCTV and its website a boycott. We hereby declare a "Four Noes" Policy: we will not watch it, appear on it, listen to it, or talk about it.
Last year several of us issued a "Chinese New Year Declaration," stating that we opposed vulgar and propagandistic content on CCTV during Chinese New Year. This kind of content turns the traditional celebration into a season of making the Chinese people ignorant.
This year we again declare that CCTV--which monopolizes our public television resources--has turned the evening news into the evening propaganda, and we hereby boycott it.
Russian writer Solzhenitsyn served as a model in striving for freedom and truth. In his "LIve Not By Lies" he stated: "We have the obligation to choose not to lie! We must flee from it like the plague. We must not continue this rotten, zombie-like ideological whitewashing. If we do this we will eventually find that the truth will take root in our society. When you hear someone lie or speak absurd propaganda, immediately leave the meeting room, lecture hall, theater or cinema... Do not buy or subscribe to publications that gloss over or hide the truth of important events. If we don't have the strength to not participate in lying, then we deserve the fate that Pushkin described: Why would you give draft animals freedom? Their fate for generation after generation has been to shoulder the belled yoke and the whip."
For a long time now we have known that we must steer clear of lies. 
We hereby declare a boycott of CCTV's low-grade propaganda, and thereby refuse to continue to be draft animals whose fate is "to shoulder the belled yoke and the whip."
Monday January 12, 2009
1. CCTV carried a significant amount of propaganda promoting Sanlu Corporation, the company that was the source of the melamine-tainted milk;
2. CCTV's news programs--during this society's process of transformational change--does not report on or significantly distorts groundbreaking controversial events and mass incidents.
3. CCTV Evening News continues to adopt an outmoded stance to reporting, only reporting the good and not the bad in domestic coverage, and only reporting the bad not the good in international coverage. For this reason it should not be called the Evening News but the Evening Propaganda.
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