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Snowy weather hinders search for 7 people missing in Tibet avalanche

December 10, 2007

     LHASA, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- The search efforts for seven migrant
workers who went missing in an avalanche on Monday in Tibet were
hindered by continuous snowfall in the area, local government said

     The search area has been reduced to an area of 0.6 square km, but
continual snowy weather and steep geological condition made it
impossible for rescuers to approach the core area, the Bomi county
government said.

     The seven people were part of a 29-member group from the
neighboring Sichuan Province heading toward Tibet's Medog county through
Bomi county on foot as there is no road access. They were about 20
meters from the Gawalong mountain peak when they got caught in the

     Fourteen of the 29 were buried initially and seven managed to free
themselves. The other seven remained missing. The local government
identified the missing as from Suining and Mianyang cities of Sichuan.

     "The snow drift at the Gawalong mountain was as deep as three
meters and further avalanches are possible to happen at any time," a
rescuer said.

     The survival chance of the missing is slim, according to rescuers.

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