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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

US concerned about situation in Tibet

February 13, 2009

Washington, Feb 11 (PTI) The US today expressed its concern on situation
in Tibet, but remained non-committal if the issue would definitely be
taken up by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to
China later this month.

"You know, the situation in Tibet is something the US government has
been concerned about for some time. We've raised that issue with the
Chinese in the past," the State Department spokesperson, Robert Wood, said.

"The Secretary (of State) will be having a wide-ranging discussion with
the Chinese when she is in China. I am not going to get beyond what we
have said publicly about our engagement with China," he said.

"But human rights issues are something that will be at the top of the
Secretary's agenda, no matter where she goes," Wood said. He was
responding to a question about the latest statement from the Tibetan
spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, that the situation in Tibet is very
tense and there could be a popular uprising any moment.

"The issue could very well come up. I just don't want to get into
specific subject areas at this point. But you can expect that the
Secretary is going to be bringing up human rights issues throughout the
trip, where she deems it necessary to do so", he said when asked about
whether the issue would come up or not.

Clinton, as announced by the State Department last week, would be
travelling on her first overseas trip in this position to Japan,
Indonesia, South Korea and China during her week-long trip beginning
February 15. PTI

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