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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Delhi to host Tibetan film festival

December 19, 2007

Martin Scorsese, Richard Gere and a host of award winning directors
produce, photograph and provide voice overs on a rich canvas that paints
the Dalai Lama’s life in a collection of rare films
December 17, 2007

New Delhi: A collection of rare films, some by the world’s leading
directors find their way to the capital during the Christmas week,
starting 22December, organized by the Foundation for Universal
Responsibility of His Highness the Dalai Lama.

Starting with ‘Kundun’, a classic film on the young Dalai Lama by Martin
Scorsese, subsequent days will see the celebrated movie on ‘Sacred sites
of the Dalai Lama – a pilgrimage in Tibet’ followed by the Oscar nominee
for best foreign film, ‘Himalaya’, ‘Destroyer of illusion and spirit of
Tibet’ narrated by Richard Gere and ‘Tibet – cry of the snow lion’.

Martin Scorsese’s narration of the life story of the 14th Dalai Lama is
a spiritual and deeply moving event. Preaching peace and understanding
among all people, he eventually travels to China to meet Chairman Mao
Tse Tung, to no avail. In a heartbreaking decision, he must decide
whether to remain in Tibet and fight for his people or flee his homeland
and avert almost certain death.

‘10 Questions for The Dalai Lama’ by Rick Ray won the Grand Festival
Award at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival. Part biography, part
philosophy, adventure and politics, it opens a window into the heart of
a great man.

‘Sacred sites of the Dalai Lama – a pilgrimage in Tibet’ explores the
caves where the early Buddhist masters meditated, enters monasteries
where Dalai Lamas and others taught, and at an altitude of over 16,000
feet looks down into the famous oracle lake of Lhamo Lhatso where every
Dalai Lama has had prophetic visions.

‘Himalaya’, which was flmed over seven months in the forbidding Dolpo
region of Nepal, Himalaya tells the story of a generational struggle for
leadership of a tiny mountain village between its proud old chief and a
headstrong young caravanner. The balance of power shifts uneasily as
they make their annual salt trek across the Himalayas.

‘Cry of the snow lion’ brings audiences to the long-forbidden ”rooftop
of the world” with an unprecedented richness of imagery… from
rarely-seen rituals in remote monasteries, to horse races with Khamba
warriors; from brothels and slums in the holy city of Lhasa, to
magnificent Himalayan peaks still traveled by nomadic yak caravans. The
dark secrets of Tibet’s recent past are powerfully chronicled through
riveting personal stories and interviews, and a collection of undercover
and archival images never before assembled in one film.
On at the India Habitat Centre from 22-24 and 26-28December, 2007
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