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Norwegian Authors Union’s Freedom of Expression Prize 2007 to Tsering Woeser

December 19, 2007

Norwegian Tibet Committee: 17 december, 2007

Press Release

Norwegian authors union`s freedom of expression prize for 2007 was given
to Woeser living in China.
Woeser was selected among many candidates. “We are very proud that
Tibetan writer Woeser la  has got this prestigious  award  says Chungdak
Koren chairwomen of Norwegian Tibet Committee”

The official statement from the Norwegian Authors Union says “ The
Norwegian Authors Union is convinced that in this year’s(2007) prize
winner, we have found a worthy recipient who bravely has chosen to
publish her books even though they have a content considered
controversial by the Chinese authorities. At the sometime she devotes
her time to the struggle for the  freedom of expression through her
articles and various blogs, also writing about the Chinese suppression
and colonialisation  of Tibet. Norwegian Authors Union appreciates that
Tsering Woeser represents a new generation of bloggers in China,
challenging a state monopoly on the access to information through using
the internett. It is very clear to us that by giving this prize to
Tsering Woeser we have found a female author that are in the middle of
one of the most important struggle for freedom of expression in our time”

The prize will consist of 100 000 and a certificate of merit. The
award ceremony will take place in Olso during Annual Meeting of Authors
Union on 8 march 2008.

For more information:
Norwegain Authors Union  President Mrs Anne Oterholm tel +47 23357620

Norwegain Tibet Committee Chungdak Koren tel  + 4795024443
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