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WORLD HEALTH DAY: 'Save lives, Make hospitals safe in emergencies'

April 8, 2009

Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
April 7, 2009

Dharamshala -- The World Health Organisation
(WHO) and international partners have underscored
the need to enhance the safety of health
facilities and the readiness of health workers
who treat those affected by emergencies.

The year 2009 would be marked as 'Saves lives,
Make hospitals safe in emergencies'.

To observe the world health day,  the officials
of the Central Tibetan Administration, Delek
hospital, Mentsee-Khang, monasteries and
institutions based in Gangchen Kyishong today held a cleanliness drive .

On the occasion, Mr Chope Paljor Tsering, Kalon
for the Department of Health delivered a message,
which was read out by the department's acting secretary.

The message said there has been growing incidents
of natural disasters and cases of epidemic
diseases, which are caused due to indisciplined
human behaviour and way of thinking despite
having made progress in the level of intelligence
and knowledge. As a result, not only human beings
but also other living beings are facing greater
problems of emergencies, which demand a far
better medical facilities and care than ever before.

In the Tibetan communities in exile, it is
imperative to develop necessary health care
facilities in every medical centers to treat
patients in emergency cases. Moreover, the
administration, including doctors, nurses and
health workers, should make themselves
well-prepared in dispensing their duties in such cases, the health kalon said.

He emphasised that it is the responsibility of
the health workers to have good motivation with a
sense of affection and to help alleviate a patient from suffering.

He further underlined the special need to raise
awareness among all Tibetans and to empower them
in preventing HIV/AIDS in the Tibetan
communities, both inside and outside Tibet.

He said in tackling other health issues such as
mother and child care, and prevention of
Tuberculosis, it is of utmost importance that we
should leap forward in accordance with the
progress made in today's world in providing health care services.

He also spoke on the importance of raising
people's awareness on keeping a healthy dietary
habits and clean environment. He appealed to all
the concerned to take collective responsibilities
and put efforts in promoting healthier lifestyles.

During the occasion, Dr Passang Dolma from Delek
hospital spoke on the gist of guidelines issued
by WHO on how to save lives and make hospitals safe in emergencies.
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