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Kalon Tripa Introduces Tibet Issue to New US Administration

May 1, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 29, 2009

The head of the exile Tibetan government, Prof
Samdhong Rinpoche, visited the US from Apr 19 to
24 to apprise the new administration there about
the Tibet issue, besides meeting with members of
the Congress, as well as Tibetans and Tibet
supporters in the US capital. He exchanged views
with Tibet and China experts on the Tibetan
dialogue process and was a guest on the VOA’s Tibetan TV service.

Rinpoche explained his positions and views on a
range of issues as a guest on the Tibetan service
of the VOA’s Kunleng TV programme on Apr 24. He
reaffirmed his commitment to the dialogue process
and said a new document was being prepared to
clarify the exile administration’s position on a
number of issues raised by the Chinese with
regard to the memorandum on Tibetan autonomy
presented during the Oct-Dec’08, 8th round of Sino-Tibetan talks in Beijing.

Although admitting that the dialogue process has
not made any progress, with China actually
starting a new wave of vilification of the Dalai
Lama in 2006, there was no alternative the Middle
Way Approach. He, however, raised the possibility
that there might be change in the dialogue
partners and their positions. He explained that
Dharamsala was continuing this approach not with
any hope that the Chinese would respond
positively but because it was in the interest of both the sides.

Regarding the ongoing repression in Tibet, he
accused China of acting like fifth or sixth
century tyrants in the 21st century.

Regarding the Tibetans currently serving under
the Chinese rule, he said that except for an
opportunist few, the majority of the officials
and lamas were concerned about the welfare of the Tibetan people.

On the next Kalon Tripa, election for which will
be due in 2011, he cited the Dalai Lamas as
saying that ideally it should be a lay person,
young, educated, and, if possible, a woman.

Earlier, a reception was hosted for him on Apr 21
by Special Envoy Mr Lodi Gyari to honour Paula
Dobriansky, who was the Special Coordinator for
Tibetan issues during the Bush Administration. It
was attended by members of congress, diplomats and other personalities.

On Apr 22, the Kalon Tripa attended the
dedication of the Lantos Anti-Semitism and
Holocaust Denial Archive, at which US House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also present.

The Kalon Tripa was also interviewed by the VOA’s Chinese service.

(Abridged from a report by Bhuchung K Tsering on the, Apr 27)
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