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Spanish judge requests to interrogate Chinese ministers over Tibet

May 8, 2009

Europe News
May 5, 2009

Madrid - Spanish judge Santiago Pedraz announced Tuesday he had requested to interrogate eight Chinese political and military leaders, including three ministers, about possible crimes against humanity in Tibet.

The suspects named by Pedraz include Chinese Defence Minister Lian Guanglie, State Security Minister Geng Huichang and Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu.

The others are Chinese Communist Party Secretary for Tibet Zhang Qingli, Politbureau member Wang Lequan, Ethnic Affairs Commission leader Li Dezhu, Lhasa Popular Liberation Army commander Tong Guishan and Chengdu military commando political commissioner Zhan Guihua.

Pedraz earlier accepted to investigate a complaint lodged by several Tibet support groups, which accused China of a 'generalized and systematic attack' against the Tibetan population following riots in March 2008.

The repression led to the deaths of about 200 people and to the disappearances of nearly 6,000, while 1,000 people were seriously injured, according to the complaint.

The Tibet population was persecuted for 'motives which have been universally recognized as unacceptable,' the judge said in a document after hearing witnesses.

Pedraz said he could interrogate the suspects at his National Court in Spain, or before a Chinese court.

Another National Court judge is currently investigating an alleged genocide in Tibet in the 1980s and 90s.

Spain's National Court has investigated a string of alleged human rights crimes in other countries, arguing that they fall under universal jurisdiction.
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