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China warns against Dutch visit by Dalai Lama, shy of spelling consequences

May 10, 2009

Tibetan Review
May 9, 2009

China has reiterated its opposition to the Dalai
Lama’s scheduled early June visit to the Dutch
Parliament, but refrained from spelling out what
the consequences would be. "We oppose any visit
by the Dalai Lama to any country.... we are in
close contact with the [Dutch] foreign ministry
and we understand each other very well,” May 7 quoted Chinese Ambassador in
The Hague Mr Zhang Jun as saying in an interview.

The report said the ambassador declined to be
drawn on the consequences of the visit for the
Netherlands. "We have to avoid any harmful effect
on our good relations... I will not tell you what
the next step will be. I have full confidence in
the wisdom of Dutch politicians," Zhang was quoted as saying.

Radio Netherlands May 7 cited The Netherlands as
saying the Dalai Lama would be received as a
religious leader, not as a politician. But Zhang
had said there was no difference between the
Dalai Lama as a religious leader and a political one.

But Mr Zhang did acknowledge: "The Netherlands
has clearly stated that it adopts the One-China
policy. The Netherlands respects Chinese
sovereignty. It is a matter of principle."
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