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Nepal PM's India soother, Setback to China

May 12, 2009

Telegraph Nepal
May 11, 2009

While the Maoists leadership back home is busy
preaching anti-India rhetoric and blaming India
solely for the fall of their nine months rule,
the Maoists’ party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in
his exclusive talk with one of the Indian news
papers has revealed that he had asked the Indian
Ambassador for India’s substantial support in
resolving the Government-Nepal Army standoff.

Dahal, while, on the one hand, addressing the
party mass meets criticizes the local partners
for serving to their foreign masters (read
India), on the other, in his talk with the Indian
media revels indirectly that he is also
subservient to the Indian dictates. This double standard!

In an interview with the Hindu at the Baluatar
residence on Sunday May 10, 2009, Pushpa Kamal
Dahal reveals that he had asked Ambassador Sood
to request New Delhi to send Foreign Secretary
Shiv Shankar Menon or some other senior Indian
officials for talks on the increasingly tensed
standoff over the sacking of the Nepal Army chief.

"We knew some confusion is there between the
Maoist-led government and India on this
question," said the former rebel leader turned Prime Minister of the country.

In an attempt to appease the Indian leadership,
the Prime Minister who during the decade long
rebellion lived in India, also tells that the
flurry of High Level Chinese delegation visiting
Nepal had arrived in Nepal uninvited. A big setback to China, indeed!

"The initiative for these visits came solely from
the Chinese side "mainly because of the Tibet
crisis," Dahal tells The Hindu dated May 11, 2009.
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