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China not worthy to re-enter UN rights body, says Tibetan rights group

May 12, 2009

by Tenzin Tsering
May 11, 2009

Dharamsala, May 10 -- The Tibetan Centre for
Human Rights and Democracy based here said that
China is attempting to ‘whitewash’ its tainted
human rights record by seeking reelection to the
United Nations Human Rights Council.

China will contest the election of the UN Human
Rights Council on May 12 when 18 nations will become members of the council.

The Tibetan human rights monitoring agency said
China as a state has failed "miserably in terms
of its human rights record in the whole of China and particularly in Tibet."

"This failure is clearly evident in Tibet in
light of the Tibetan people's mass uprising
against the State in spring last year. The
Tibetans, in one voice in all the Tibetan areas
in present day China, showed their discontentment
and rejection of the Chinese rule which has been
marked by gross violations of human rights," the
centre said in a press release Friday.

"China should not be re-elected to the Human
Rights Council unless and until it can
demonstrate not only by policy formulation but in
practice its commitment to the protection of
human rights of the Tibetan people."

China’s current membership expires on June 19,
2009 and its second term in the Council, say
analysts, will raise questions on its eligibility
as a member. "This move will also develop a
concern towards the credibility of the Council
itself which is established on the premise that
‘members elected to the Council shall uphold the
highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights."

Tibetan rights groups say that the protests
throughout Tibet against the government was a
clear indication that the Tibetan people did not
want Chinese rule in the region which is marked
by flagrant human rights violation.

China as the most populated nation and one of the
key players in the international system needs to
exhibit evidences of moral uprightness and
tolerance in order to be considered eligible for re election to the council.

The UN Human Rights Council was formerly the ‘UN
Commission on Human Rights’ which was dissolved
in June 2006 to better address the human rights
issues in the world and to do away with the inadequacies of the previous body.
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