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High-level Chinese delegations visited Nepal uninvited: Prachanda

May 14, 2009

"... not a single (Chinese) delegation came to
Nepal on my invitation," says Prachanda.
By Phurbu Thinley
May 13, 2009

Dharamsala, May 13 -- In an exclusive interview
with an Indian newspaper, Nepal's former PM
Pushpa Kamal Dahal unexpectedly said the flurry
of High Level Chinese delegation visiting Nepal
in recent times had arrived in the country without his invitation.

The recently resigned Maoist PM, better known as
Prachanda, said the Chinese officials visited
Nepal of their own to mainly tackle Tibet-related
activities in the wake of unrest in Tibet last year.

When asked about regular visits paid by Chinese
delegations to Nepal lately, a move seen by India
as edging towards China, the recently resigned
Maoist PM better known as Prachanda said the
perception of Nepal tilting to China was a baseless one.

The Maoist leader said India’s perception that
Nepal was tilting to China was "highly exaggerated."

He instead admittedly tells that the Chinese
officials visited Nepal to deal with "Tibet-related activities" in Nepal.

"Last year, because of the Tibet situation, the
Chinese side got more sensitive about
Tibet-related activities going on in Nepal. I
would like to say clearly that not a single
(Chinese) delegation came to Nepal on my invitation,” Dahal said.

"The initiative for these visits came solely from
the Chinese side--mainly because of the Tibet
crisis," Prachanda tells The Hindu dated May 11, 2009.

Nepal had come under international criticism last
year for its brutal treatment of Tibetan
protesters, and was accused of acting under pressure from China.

Tibetans in Nepal staged some of the most
sustained and regular anti-China protests in
Kathmandu last year after unrest against Chinese
rule in Tibet faced brutal Chinese military
crackdown. The demonstrators mainly targeted
Chinese embassy and its visa office in Kathmandu.

Tibetan demonstrations were routinely stopped by
Nepali police, often using excessive force. The
demonstrators regularly faced arrests,
intimidation and in some cases individual threats and arbitrary detention.

Recent high-level visits by Chinese officials,
including a delegation led by Chinese Foreign
Minister Yang Jiechi, repeatedly asked Nepal to
effectively curb "Free-Tibet activities” while
promising to increase assistance to the crisis-stricken country in return.

A visit by Chinese delegation in February this
year, forced the district administration in
Kathmandu, which last year witnessed continuous
protests by Tibetans for almost eight months, to
impose an indefinite order to prohibit all
protests near the Chinese embassy and its visa
office. The ban came just days before the
commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day.
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