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Robert Thurman's 'Why the Dalai Lama Matters' Offers Dalai Lama's Solution for a Free Tibet

May 20, 2009

Robert Thurman
May 18, 2009

NEW YORK, May 18 (PRNewswire) -- The 60 year
struggle of the Tibetan people to be free of
Chinese rule and domination has reached a turning
point says Robert Thurman, scholar, former
Tibetan Buddhist monk, co-founder with Richard
Gere of Tibet House US in New York City and close personal friend of
His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thurman's recently
published book Why the Dalai Lama Matters (Atria
Books/Beyond Words, $24.00)
explores the Dalai Lama's blueprint for a free
and autonomous Tibet and provides realistic,
detailed programs of reconciliation at the very
moment Tibetan protests have become, according to
the Dalai Lama, a "Death Sentence."

"The Tibetans are fed up with demographic
oppression and their non-violent protests are
suicidal," says Thurman who stresses that the
Dalai Lama Matters More Now Than Ever: "It was
clear from the Dalai Lama's visit to New York
City this month that the situation in Tibet is
urgent. It is also clear that the time is ripe
for change because China has become a world power
and has more self-confidence so it is in China's
best interest to gain the respect of the world by
embracing the Dalai Lama and his Middle-Way Approach for a free Tibet."

Why the Dalai Lama Matters focuses on the Dalai
Lama's Middle-Way Approach, a path between
outright independence and Chinese occupation. The
Middle-Way Approach (which has gathered accolades
for the Dalai Lama from the Nobel Peace Prize to
the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal) will achieve
meaningful autonomy within the Chinese union
rather than accepting the status quo. Thurman's
book also explores just why the Dalai Lama has
earned the world's love and respect, and how
restoring Tibet's autonomy within China is not
only possible, but highly reasonable, and
absolutely necessary for China, Tibet, and all of us to have a peaceful future.

Dalai Lama's Middle-Way Approach is a Win-Win

Free Tibetan Economy Means Economic and
Environmental Benefits for China Including:

* Environmentally beneficial agricultural products.

* Sustainable forest management.

* Sustainable herbal tea and medicine harvesting.

* Non-polluting mining.

* Increased, high value tourism.

* Switzerland-like global finance and banking industry.

Five Step Plan for China:

* Unite Tibetan provinces.

* * Establish one-country, two-system governance like Hong Kong.

Mend relations with the world's beloved Dalai Lama.

* Support environmental restoration of Tibet.

* Instill peace of mind.

Five Step Response From the Dalai Lama:

* Tour Tibet to make Tibetans happy.

* Reward Chinese leadership - restore Chinese spirituality.

* Promote unity and spiritual wellbeing.

* Lead Tibetans to join China voluntarily.

* Become China's goodwill ambassador.

Why the Dalai Lama Matters is not merely a book
about Tibet or the Dalai Lama. It is a revealing,
provocative solution for a world in conflict,
dealing with the very fundamentals of human
rights and freedoms and illuminates a worldwide
call-to-action NOW while spotlighting a humble
monk who inspires optimism for all people in conflict.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from the
sale of Why the Dalai Lama Matters further the
work of Tibet House US to preserve the culture of Tibet.

Note About Robert Thurman:

Scholar, author, co-founder with Richard Gere of Tibet House US.

Former Tibetan Buddhist monk (first American ordained monk, 1964).

Professor Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia University.

Dubbed "The Dalai Lama's man in America" (NY Times Magazine).

Named one of the "25 Most Influential Americans" (Time magazine).

Lectures all over the world about a free Tibet,
his charisma and enthusiasm drawing packed audiences.


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