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Conditions of Tibetans on death penalty row turn critical

May 23, 2009

Central Tibetan Administration
May 22, 2009

Dharamshala: The family members of the four
Tibetans who were given death sentence and one
who was sentenced to life imprisonment by a
Chinese court for taking part in last year's
protests in Tibet are deeply concerned as their
whereabouts remain unknown since the verdict was announced on 8 April.

The Lhasa People's Intermediate Court announced
death sentence to Lobsang Gyaltsen, aged 27;
Kangtsug, 22; Loyak, 25, while 27-year-old Tenzin
Phuntsok alias Tenzin was given death sentence with a two-year reprieve.

A fifth man named Dawa Sangpo, aged 30, son of Mr
Tenzin was a painter and mud sculptor by
profession. The Public Security Bureau of Taktse
County took him into custody for 15 days without
any charges days before the 10 March protests .
He was later given life term imprisonment over
his alleged role in the March protests. He has a
16-year-old son, who is living his mother named Lhakpa.

China's law made it mandatory for the
Intermediate courts must to refer the cases of
death sentence to the Supreme People's Court
within 6 weeks of passing the judgment.

But there has been no information on whereabouts
of the five Tibetans as stipulated duration was completed on Thursday, 21 May.

China's state media reported that the Chinese
government conducted open trial for the five
Tibetans. However, their family members said that
they have no such information of the trials and
they were denied rights of legal representation to defend their case.

Similarly, the Lhasa People's Intermediate court
passed death sentences to two Tibetan women and
life imprisonment to another woman on 21 April.

The family members deeply regret that the girls
were not given fair and open trial and coerced to accept their guilt.

Penkyi, of Sakya County, received the suspended
death penalty for starting fires in two downtown
clothing shops on 14 March last year, an unnamed
spokesman of the Lhasa Municipal Intermediate
People's Court was quoted as saying by the Tibet Daily.

She is 21-year-old and hails from Norbu village,
Dogra township in Sakya County.

She was convicted for allegedly setting a blaze
in Hongyu Trousers on the Qingnian road, which
left the shop owner Zuo Rencun dead, the spokesman said.

The court has also slapped harsh jail terms to
other Tibetans for setting fires at Yishon
clothing store on the East Beijing Road in Lhasa.

Another Tibetan named Penkyi of Nyemo County, was
sentenced to life imprisonment and Chime Lhamo,
aged 20, was jailed for 10 years, the spokesman said.

Penkyi, aged 23, is from Thantoe village, Margkyang township in Nyemo County.

The Central Tibetan Administration and human
rights groups have expressed their strong
condemnation and deep concern over the arbitrary
sentences meted out to the Tibetans.
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