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China arrests brothers who were on the run

May 23, 2009

Press Release
May 21, 2009

China arrested two Tibetan brothers from Kardze
who were involved in last year?s 18 March protest
against Chinese rule in Kardze County (Ch:
Ganzi/Garze). They were on the run for more than
a year until got arrested from Jyekundo at the
beginning of this month, according to information
received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

Tenpa, a 30-year-old and his younger brother,
Jamdo, 25, are farmers from Rapa Village, Zakhog
Township, Kardze County, Kardze ?TAP?, Sichuan
Province. Brothers were actively involved in last
year?s 18 March protest in Kardze County which
was joined by hundreds of Tibetans and left at least three people dead.

They managed to avoid arrest following massive
protest marred by large number of arbitrary
detentions of protesters in Kardze region. Tenpa
and Jamdo had been hiding in the nearby hills and
moving from one place to another over the year to
avoid being arrested. However, after more than a
year on the run, both were known to have been
arrested by the Security forces at the beginning
of May 2009 in Jyekundo (Ch: Yushu/Jiegu),
Jyekundo ?TAP?, Qinghai Province, according to
information received by the Centre.? There is no
information on where the duos were currently held
and their current condition. TCHRD condemns in
strongest term over the arbitrary arrest of Tenpa
and Jamdo and calls for their immediate release.

In the past week, few former Tibetan protesters
involved in the last year?s protests in Tibet,
have escaped and arrived in India, including two
Tibetans from Kardze who were present along with
Tenpa and Jamdo during 18 March protest in Kardze.

According to the official report given in the
Garze Daily dated 19 May 2009, Kardze People?s
Procutorate announced that 73 Tibetans have been
arrested under the crimes of endangering state
security, inciting to split the country and
espionage. Of which 34 Tibetans have appealed for
a trial in the court. Similarly, on 15 May 2009,
the same official daily quoted the Kardze
Intermediate People?s Court as saying that 28
Tibetans have been sentenced and another 19
Tibetans have been interrogated in accordance
with law so far in Kardze on cases involving
endangering state security. However, according to
information gathered by the Centre, around 98
Tibetans were known to have been sentenced to
varying prison terms for their participation in protests since March 2008.

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