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Nomads to meet over 46 percent of cost of their compulsory settlement

May 23, 2009

Tibetan Review
May 21, 2009

China said a total of 327 million yuan would be
spent to build permanent homes for 3,622 herder
households in Gannan (Tibetan: Kanlho) Prefecture
of Gansu Province to continue the implementation
of a settlement project begun in 2008. However, a
significant portion of the cost will be collected
from the herders themselves, with the Chinese
government at Beijing contributing 91 million
yuan and the local prefectural and county-level
governments allocating 85 million yuan, according
to China’s official Xinhua news agency May 20.

The report said the herders, for whom the
resettlement is compulsory, themselves will raise 151 million yuan.

Herders began to be forced to settle down in the
1990s, when China began the practice of
contracting grasslands to each household. The
report said that since 2004, Gannan had paid
special attention to the settlement projects in
priority ecological protection areas in Maqu
(Tibetan: Machu), Luqu (Tibetan: Luchu), Xiahe
(Tibetan: Sangchu/Labrang), Hezuo (Tibetan:
Tsoe), Zhuoni (Tibetan: Chone) and Diebu (Tibetan: Thewo) counties.

The report said 6,375 households had been
resettled in newly-built houses from 2004 to 2008.
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