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London Representative attends British Armed Forces conference

May 23, 2009

Tibet Custom
May 20, 2009

London -- At the invitation of the Buddhist
Chaplin to Her Majesty’s Forces, Mr. Tsering
Tashi, the London-based Representative of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama attended the British
Armed Forces Buddhist Community’s Conference held
today at Amport House in Andover, Hampshire.  He
also read the Tibetan Nobel Peace Laureate's message to the conference.
Representative Tsering Tashi reading the message
from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the
participants of the British Armed Forces Buddhist
Community’s Conference at Amport House in Andover, Hampshire. 

In his message, His Holiness said that he always
admired those who are prepared to act in the
defense of others for their courage and determination.

"Although the public may think that physical
strength is what is most important, I believe
that what makes a good soldier, sailor or airman,
just as what makes a good monk, is inner
strength. And inner strength depends on having a
firm positive motivation. The difference lies in
whether ultimately you want to ensure others’
well being or whether you wantonly wish to do
them harm," His Holiness said in the written message.

His Holiness’ message was well received by the
conference participants and guest speakers.  Even
Major General Andrew Gregory, Director General
Personnel, who spoke at the conference made
reference to the wisdom contained in the Tibetan
spiritual and temporal leader’s statement.  He
especially stressed the point about "inner
strength" that His Holiness had mentioned in his message.

Major Kath Gould, who has been in the service of
the British Army for the last 16 years and spoke
about her experience of "Being a Buddhist in the
Army" also referred to the moral courage espoused
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Other speakers included the Deputy Chaplain
General, Rev. Jonathan Woodhouse, who spoke about
"Army Chaplaincy Support". The conference,
attended by about 50 male and female
representatives from various regiments from all
the three wings of the British Army, began with a
welcome address from Dr. Sunil Kariyakarawana,
Buddhist Chaplain.  It was followed by recitation
of Buddhist prayers lead by monks belonging to
Tibetan and other traditions of Buddhism.

Lt. Richard Moss, Chairman of the Armed Forces
Buddhist Support Group, gave the vote of thanks
and expressed how they found His Holiness’ message to the point and inspiring.
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