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Tibetans in-exile stage anti-Chinese demonstration in Shimla

May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

Shimla, May 24 (ANI) -- Tibetans living-in-exile
in Shimla held an anti-Chinese demonstration on
Saturday, denouncing violence by the Chinese administration in their homeland.

Hundreds of Tibetans gathered to participate in
the protest march, which also marked the 58th
anniversary of 17-point agreement that was
forcefully imposed by Chinese authorities on them in 1951.

Holding their national flags and banners, the
Tibetans marched through the streets of Shimla,
raising slogans against the Chinese authorities
and also seeking the support of United Nation and the international community.

Passang, President of Tibetan Youth Congress
hoped that India would continue to support the Tibetan cause.

"They (The Indian government) has extended their
support for the cause of our freedom in the last
fifty years and we are hopeful that they will
continue doing so in the years to come," said
Passang, President, Tibetan Youth Congress.

Apart from scores of locals, several foreigners
also joined the rally to show their solidarity
with the Tibetans.Jay, a tourist from United
Kingdom said that if everyone unites, then the
Chinese government would be forced to free Tibet.
“There are so many of us. If we do unite and make
our voice known they (the Chinese) will have to
be forced to do something about it (Tibetans’
woes). If we pretend that we can’t do anything
about it then nothing will be done," said Jay, a tourist from England. (ANI)
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