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Six Tibetans Seriously Wounded in Protests Against China's Hydroelectric Dam Project

May 27, 2009

Central Tibetan Administration
May 26, 2009

Dharamsala, May 26 -- At least 6 Tibetan women
have sustained serious gunshot wounds after
Chinese security forces opened fire at a group of
Tibetans in Tawu County, who were venting their
anger against China's forceful relocation of tens
of thousands of local Tibetans, sources reported Monday.

The Public Security Bureau officials and People's
Armed Police indiscriminately fired at Tibetan
residents of Tawu and Nyagchu County in Karze
Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, at around 11 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, 24 May.

The sources attributed the incident to China's
construction of a major hydroelectric dam between
Nyagchu and Tawu County, which is resulting in a
large-scale displacement of local Tibetans. The
government coerced local residents of Tawu County
to sign a document as it begin to plan the construction work in early 2008.

This year the Chinese authorities again reinforce
their relocation plan, which was vehemently
opposed by the Tibetans who refused to leave their ancestral lands and houses.

Subsequently, on 5 May 2009, the Chinese
government dispatched a large number of armed
police to the region and destroyed homes of some
families, including those of Ati Gyatso Tsang and Chego Pezi Tsang.

Earlier, the authorities convened a meeting and
erected a stone pillar in their plan to relocate
the residents of Wara Mato town to another place.
Expressing strong opposition to the forced
relocation policy, the angry residents led by an
old woman named Lhamo, who is believed to be aged
above 70, refused to move saying they are owner
of the land and destroyed the pillar.

Consequently, as residents from Tawu and Nyagchu
districts gathered in the region to protest the
arrival of large number of troops on the morning
of 24 May, the army fired shots leaving six Tibetan women seriously wounded.

Those wounded have been identified as Tsering
Lhamo, Rigzin Lhamo, Dolma, Kelsang, Dolkar and Khaying.

But sources could not tell whether those injured
are dead or alive as they were forcibly taken away after the firing incident.
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