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Lithuania chooses China over Tibet

May 30, 2009

By Laima Vaige
The Baltic Times
May 27, 2009

CHANGE OF HEART: Despite recent protests and
political support, a resolution supporting a free
Tibet and condeming human rights abuses in the
remote kingdom was recently rejected by the
Lithuanian Parliament. The decision, which was
praised by Foreign MInister Vytautas Usackas,
came at the same time as events for the
Lithuania-China forum got underway in the capital.

After heated discussions, internal accusations
and shaming the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) on
May 21 made a decision to strengthen Lithuania’s
relations with China at the expense of
ideological support for a free Tibet. Foreign
Minister Vytautas Usackas, who has the job of
strengthening ties with China, expressed relief
at the result. “First of all, I would like to
thank you for this ‘gift’ because after adoption
of this resolution my forthcoming meeting with the foreign minister of China.
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