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Ngari prefecture in Tibet sees more abnormal weather phenomena in 2007

January 16, 2008

11 January 2008
Xinhua's China Economic Information Service
Xinhua is the official press agency of the Chinese Communist Party and
the government of China.

LHASA, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Ngari prefecture in Tibet Autonomous
Region, widely known as the "ridge" on the "roof of the world",
experienced more abnormal weather phenomena last year, characterized by
heavy snow, higher temperatures and strong winds, local meteorologists

Ngari prefecture, with an average height of 4,500 meters, is very
sensitive to climate change because of its high altitude on the
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

"The increasingly abnormal weather phenomena indicate the climate in
Tibet is becoming more and more unpredictable," said an expert with the
Ngari Meteorological Observatory.

Statistics have shown that in December, the Ngari prefecture in western
Tibet, experienced nine straight days of wind and dust, a record high
over the past 20 years.

Such days used to be only in spring, said experts from the Ngari
Meteorological Observatory.

Last June, most areas of Ngari reported an average temperature of one to
two degree centigrades higher than the previous year and precipitation
was down 20 to 90 percent.

Continuous heavy snow hit most counties in Ngari last year, disrupting

In Gerze County, one snowstorm continued for 20 hours, depositing snow
11 centimeters deep, the longest duration and largest amount over the
past 13 years in the region. (?)
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