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Chinese govt step up restrictions on Tibetan activities in Lhasa

June 5, 2009


Thursday, 04 June 2009


DHARAMSHALA: The Chinese government has reportedly stepped up restrictions on the activities of Tibetans in the capital Lhasa days ahead of “Saka Dawa” festival, one of the most sacred months observed by Tibetans.


Saka Dawa is celebrated on the 15th day of the fourth month of the Tibetan lunar calender. The month has special significance for the followers of Lord Buddha as they observe Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana in this month.


Sources said the concerned government offices in Lhasa had convened meetings of staff members and people under their jurisdications and subsequently issued strict orders particularly to students and government officials not to visit temples during the festival.


The normal life of people has been affected as the government have sent reinforcement of security forces and deployed a large number of intelligence officials across the city.


The authorities also are carefully examining the details of foreign tourists visiting the region.


Part of the investigation also includes asking questions about whether any member of a family who had earlier visited India or any one who has now returned to Tibet. Those families who have relaives and children in India and in other foreign countries are being asked to provide their conditions and contact details.


Starting from March 2008, the concerned offices have conducted at least eight round of such investigations and more than ten times by the village committee, sources said.

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