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Tibet film festival to showcase exile experience

June 8, 2009


Saturday, June 06, 2009


Dharamsala, June 6: A three-day Tibetan Film festival commemorating 50 Years in Exile will be held in Dharamsala, the seat of Tibet’s government in exile, starting Tuesday next week.


The film festival is being organized by the Delhi-based The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in collaboration with Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration. It will be held at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) and the movies will be shown free of charges.


Seventeen different Tibet related films, touching on Tibet issues, survival and preservation of its rich and unique cultural and spiritual traditions and arts, and Tibetan people’s life of being in exile have been selected for the festival.


'The message of the Tibetans', 'Dreaming of Tibet', ‘Leaving Fear Behind,’ 'Mystic Tibet: An outer, inner, and secret pilgrimage,’ ‘The Tibetans: A Life in Exile,’ ‘Art in Exile,’ ‘Tibet: Murder in the Snow,’ ‘Tibet’s Cry for Freedom’ and ‘“Women of Tibet’ are some of the films that will be screened at the festival.


Kesang Yangkyi Takla, Kalon (Minister) for the Department of Information and International Relations will inaugurate the film festival.


The film festival themed “Tibet Experience – 50 years in Exile” is part of a series of events being organized by Tibetan exiles this year to commemorate their 50 years in exile and to reaffirm their commitment in their struggle for freedom.


Year 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising against China's rule and 50 years in exile for many Tibetans including their leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama.



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