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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Buddhist Traditions of Tibet and the Himalayas (NEH Seminar)

June 22, 2009

US-China Institute
June 20, 2009
The College of the Holy Cross a summer program focusing on the study of Buddhism in Tibetan and the Himalayas.
06/22/2009 - 07/10/2009
NEH Program for the Summer of 2009 Buddhist Traditions of Tibet and the Himalayas Co-directed by Todd T. Lewis and Leonard van der Kuijp
25 Institute participants will receive a stipend of $2600, to cover expenses.
Applications due by March 2, 2009.
The Institute will be concerned with the study of Buddhism in Tibetan and the Himalayas and it will follow the contemporary trend in Buddhist studies to go beyond the sole use of texts and philological-philosophical analysis to study and teach Buddhism. Balancing the use of elite sources with anthropological studies, our goal is to convey how Buddhism has been a lived religion that affected Himalayan societies. Accordingly, we will devote special attention to themes relevant to this goal: monastic life in the Himalayan communities; the use of art in the regional transmission of Buddhist culture; healing traditions through which Buddhism influenced whole societies; consideration of forms of Mahayana meditation(visualization meditation; Dzog-chen; fasting) not usually taught in American Buddhist Centers. We will also sponsor lecture-demonstrations by distinguished ritual specialists from the region, and for Nepal present an experience of Buddhist life cycle rites, festivals, and feasting.
Visiting Scholars will include Naresh Man Bajracarya, Dina Bangdel, Martin Brauen Sienna Craig, Georges Dreyfus, David Germano, David Gray, David Holmberg, Kathryn March, Sarah Levine, Charles Ramble, Anne de Sales, Kurtis Schaeffer Jonathan Silk, Gray Tuttle, Michael Witzel
Contact: Todd Lewis
Phone: 508-793-3436
Sponsor(s): College of the Holy Cross
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