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Tibetans, Supporters Mar Continental Minerals shareholders' meeting

June 26, 2009

Thursday , 25 Jun 2009

Vancouver - Tibetans and their supporters protested at Continental Minerals'
Annual General Meeting today, calling on the company to immediately cease
the development of a gold-copper-silver mine in Chinese-occupied Tibet. The
company, a subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc. (HDI), is conducting
exploratory drilling at the Shethongmon mine site in central Tibet. Tibetans
have contested mining projects on their land; most recent reports are of a
protest on June 20th against a Chinese-operated mine site near Lhasa,
Tibet's capital.

"By operating in Tibet, HDI/Continental Minerals is complicit in the Chinese
government's violation of the Tibetan people's right to freely determine the
use of their natural resources, and we demand that the company immediately
withdraw from Tibet," said Tsering Lama, National Director of Students for a
Free Tibet Canada. "Tibetans have taken bold action to oppose mine
operations on their land, even knowing that they face dire consequences,
including imprisonment and torture. HDI/Continental Minerals has no business
being in Tibet."

On Saturday, June 20th, a clash reportedly broke out between Tibetans and
Chinese miners in Gyama Township, Meldrogungkar County, near Lhasa, after
local officials refused to consider the Tibetans' appeal to stop the
construction of a large-scale water-diversion facility. The facility would
redirect a nearby river, on which local communities rely for crop irrigation
and drinking water, to a Chinese government-sponsored mine site. This
incident closely follows news that after months of peaceful protests,
Tibetan communities in Markham [in Chinese, Mangkang] county, in the Tibet
Autonomous Region's (TAR) Chamdo prefecture have successfully stopped mining
operations by a Chinese company at a local mountain that is considered
sacred by Tibetans.

Tibet advocacy groups are intensifying pressure on HDI/Continental Minerals
and other Canadian mining companies to cease operations in Tibet, and are
calling on Canadian shareholders to divest from these companies until
Tibetans are in a position to freely consent to the extraction of their
natural resources. In Vancouver, three women staged a die-in outside the
shareholders' meeting while spokespeople questioned the HDI/Continental
Minerals' executives inside the meeting and delivered 1,000 letters signed
by people from around the world who oppose the mining operation in Tibet.

Protests were also held today in Toronto at the Toronto Stock Exchange, and
in Dharamsala, India, home to the Dalai Lama and Tibet's
Government-in-Exile. In London, England Tibetans met with a member of the
Board of Directors of Standard Bank Plc to express their concern over
reports that the Bank is financing Continental Minerals' Tibet operations.

"HDI/Continental Minerals' shareholders must understand that Tibet is a
heavily militarized conflict zone, and that mining in Tibet - as in any
conflict zone - is not only an extremely risky investment, but has
devastating social, economic, and environmental consequences for local
communities," said Tenzin Lobsang, Deputy Director of Students for a Free
Tibet Canada. "Instead of upholding Canadian standards of ethical
investment, HDI/Continental Minerals is profiting from the Chinese
government's occupation and exploitation of Tibet's land and resources."

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