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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Special rights for Tibetan refugees in Nepal

June 26, 2009

Dharamsala, June 25, 2009 - ANI: Visiting Nepal delegation to Dharamsala has
said that they wanted to introduce special rights for Tibetans in their
country's Constitution.

Six parliamentarians met the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama to
discuss issues of the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal and also special
status for them."We want to solve all the technical issues and problems of
Tibetans living in Kathmandu and other parts of the country. We are about to
form a Constitution for Nepal and special rights need to be given to the
Tibetans and the government will try to grant them other facilities as
well," said Siddhartha Gautam, president, Lumbini Foundation, Nepal.

"Nepal wanted to sustain cultural and spiritual relations with Tibet," he
added."Our motive will be to develop a good understanding relations with the
Tibetan community living in our country. This will enhance socio-economic
links between both the countries," he said.

Dharamsala, which is also called Little Tibet, is home to thousands of
Tibetans who found a new haven to preserve their unique faith, culture and
identity.An estimated 134,000 Tibetans live in exile, a majority of them in
India and Nepal. - ANI
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