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Students Expelled From School in Kanlho

July 2, 2009

tchrd 30 June 2009

Two students of Kanlho Tibetan Middle School were expelled from their school
on 19 June 2009 for their involvement in peaceful protest on 24 April 2009 according to confirm information
received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

The expelled students were identified as Dolma Tashi a.k.a. Dolta, 21 years
old and Dolma Bum a.k.a. Dolbum, 22 years old, both hailed from Sangkhok
Township, Sangchu County, Kanlho "TAP" Gansu Province.

On 24 April 2009, the students of Kanlho Tibetan Middle School took to
streets of Sangchu County, the peaceful and non-violent demonstration
engulfed because of malpractice in allocating reserved seats of Tibetan
students to Chinese students in higher education by the school authorities,
according to reliable sources.

According to the latest information obtained by the Centre, other factor for
the students taking to street was accrued to the article published under the
pseudonym of Yidor entitled "Deception and Meanness of Dalai Lama" and "No
Escape for the Dalai" published in bilingual Kanlho Daily, the latter
article was not only published in newspaper but it had also been put up on
the school notice board.

According to the source, unable to tolerate the smear campaign carried out
against their beloved leader, the students started off the demonstration
from their school, Kanlho Tibetan Middle School, and headed towards the
county main market area raising slogans.

Reportedly the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) stopped the students in
the outskirts of the main market area. According to sources on the ground,
the students were driven back to the school and a strong contingent of
Public Security Bureau Personnels and People's Armed Police (PAP) have
surrounded the school barring anyone from entering or leaving. The parents
of the students have been summoned at the school and they were asked to
ensure that no such demonstration will take place in future.

According to the information received by the Centre, another 13 students
from Sangchu Tibetan Nationality Elementary School were arrested for their
peaceful demonstration on 30 April 2009 but subsequently released after
brief detention. These protests were result of defaming article published in
Kanlho Daily which has a large circulation and the students demonstrated
with the slogan "Stop Defaming the Dalai Lama".

In recent time, Kanlho Prefecture has been witnessing peaceful protest by
Tibetan people at regular interval and instead of taking up the matter in
constructive manner; the Chinese authorities are busy imposing new and
varied restrictions. These acts of Chinese authorities are not only against
the wishes of people but also against the fundamental rights enshrined under
the Chinese constitution.
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