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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Nepal makes decision to make please the China by banning free Tibetan movement from Nepal

July 6, 2009

July 05th 2009. - Kathmandu, Nepal - The government of Nepal has on Sunday
made a decision of making please the China, the northern neighbor, by
issuing the prohibitory orders on all kinds of demonstration and protest
against the china from the Nepali land.

The government of Nepal has made this decision following the Chinese
authority's repeated request to ban the demonstration and protest program
from the Tibetan.

The government has made this decision just before a day that The Tibetans
have planned to organize a demonstration in Nepal from the different pars
demanding free Tibet.

However source closes to Tibetan refuge the demonstration would take place
ignoring the government's ban order. Tibetans have planned to organized
demonstration on Monday to mark the birth anniversary of Tibetan religious
leader Dalai Lama. The Home Ministry has informed issuing a notice that any
activity against China's Tibet autonomous region is prohibited. The ministry
has also asked all to refrain from engaging in any such activities.
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