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Emergency workers rescue 131 people from snowstorm in Tibet

January 23, 2008

     LHASA, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- The number of people rescued from
snowbound highways in a region of Tibet since last Thursday had risen to
131 by Monday afternoon.

     However, the government of Ngari Prefecture fears others are still
stranded by a snowstorm that began sweeping through the area for four days.

     One motorist, who had been stranded with 15 other people in three
vehicles for two days on a highway near the Sino-Nepal border, told
Xinhua by cellphone, "Rescuers have just arrived, and we are in good shape."

     Ngari, a remote region in the west of Tibet Autonomous Region, has
reported many sections of highways blocked by thick snow.

     Local official officials say many areas beyond mobile phone
services are still cut off and they have no way of knowing how many
other people are trapped.

     As heavy snow continued to fall over large parts of China on
Monday, widespread traffic disruptions were reported and at least four
deaths caused by structures collapsing under the weight of snow.

     Three of the fatalities were in central China's Hubei Province,
which has had its heaviest snow in 16 years, and in the country's
eastern province of Anhui, where it has been snowing since Jan. 11.

     The cost of structural damage and crop losses caused by the snow is
expected to be enormous.

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