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Depot concert raises $1,800 for Darfur

January 23, 2008

The Darien Times
Jan 20, 2008
By Will Klein

The Depot hosted the second annual Darfur Benefit Concert on Jan. 4,
raising $1,800 to be split between UNICEF’s Darfur Fund and Students for
a Free Tibet, two organizations dedicated to helping the crisis in Darfur.

Darien High School students and graduates, college graduates and parents
attended the concert, which was organized by DHS graduates Keith
Kolakowski, Tyler Bussey and Will Klein.

Prior to the concert, attendees were able to view a screening of “Tibet:
Cry of the Snow Lion,” a 2002 documentary outlining the human rights
situation in Tibet.

Throughout the night, many local and out-of-state musicians performed.
The Seascape, a three-piece local band made up of DHS students, Patrick
Smith (guitarist), Mike Muney (drummer) and Jake Seymour on bass and
lead vocals, opened the concert with several original songs and a few
covers. Next, Chris Black and Kenny Weiss played a more mellow, acoustic
set that featured original songs written by them, as well as one cover.
Following Chris and Kenny was a performance by The South Seas, a local
band of DHS graduates, Nick Bartman, Clay Bassford, Pete Smith, Will
Klein and Katie Hill. Bethany Olson of The Rising Group, Inc. spoke
during her set with Nyack, N.Y.-based band, History of Lovers, about how
the youth in Darien can get more involved with human rights and
non-profit organizations. The show ended with Keith Kolakowski, Tyler
Bussy, PJ Herring, Mike Shannon and DHS senior Cam Rottner playing
covers, as well as their own version of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

Attendees were able buy handmade t-shirts created by DHS senior Karen
Bergman and view art work created by Julia Heck, Matthew Ferrer, Will
Klein and other DHS students and graduates. Julia also sold her own
handmade bracelets. The Depot was lined with tables of t-shirts made by
Matthew Ferrer and information on activism and awareness of human rights
issues and organizations. Pizza donated by Heights Pizza was also sold
at $2 a slice to help raise more money. All proceeds went to charity.

To make a contribution to Students for a Free Tibet or UNICEF’s Darfur
Fund, contact Janice Wiltshire at the Depot or Will Klein at

The writer is a graduate of Darien High School.
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