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Tibetan struggle for truth should continue even without Dalai Lama

January 24, 2008
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ahmedabad: "Our struggle is to keep alive our unique identity and
cultural heritage, which may not be fulfilled in this lifetime, and the
Tibetans should be prepared to continue this struggle even without Dalai
Lama" His Holiness the Dalai Lama told a mammoth gathering of Tibetan
community at Tagore Hall in Ahmedabad on Saturday morning.

His Holiness said, "Tibetans should put their best effort in spreading
the awareness about the Tibetan identity and its unique rich cultural
heritage among the local Indian communities," adding "We are the
spokesperson of our fellow Tibetans living in Tibet, who are suppressed
to express freely under the communist regime of People’s Republic of China."

"We should never forget our identity and should put our best effort to
uphold the moral and ethical values which is the essence of our unique
identity," His Holiness told more than 1000 Tibetans who have come from
Gujurat and Rajasthan.

His Holiness said, "We should wear the pride of having a thousand years
old history and civilization and a script which is recognised as one of
the oldest and has its origin from India.

"With this pride, we should concentrate on modern education to catch up
with Chinese, which we have neglected and derelict in the past, because
of which they have termed us backward." His Holiness added.

To the Tibetan students studying in colleges in Vadodara near Ahmedabad,
His Holiness underlined the importance of putting efforts particularly
in taking up studies in various specialised fields.

His Holiness also urged the students to uphold the moral behaviour of
being a Tibetan and set a good example of moral values to the local
Indian communities. While speaking on Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness
said, the growing awareness in initiating classes and debate on the
introduction of Tibetan Buddhism across Tibetan settlements is a healthy
approach towards preserving our religion - as Tibetan Buddhism does not
mean merely reciting prayers and conducting rituals." His Holiness
further said we should feel proud of our commitment to non -violence
based on the Middle-Way Approach in resolving the issue of Tibet.

His Holiness lauded the peaceful response of Tibetans in Lithang in
Tibet, in the aftermath of Chinese authorities’ suppression of freedom
of expression and slapping of arbitrary harsh prison sentences.

His Holiness added: "Our struggle is based on non-violence and truth
since we have an established democratic form of governance in exile

Kalon Kesang Y. Takla, Kalon for the Department of Information and
International Relations gave a briefing on the evolution of the
Middle-Way Approach to resolve the issue of Tibet.

She underlined that Tibetans should understand the meaning of Middle-Way
Approach and particularly the younger generation must learn it through
various publications of the Department of Information and International

The Kalon also spoke on the democratisation of the Central Tibetan
Administration. The Kalon concluded by expressing happiness and lauding
the efforts of Tibetan community in spreading the awareness about
various aspects of Tibetan cultural heritage during the ongoing Tibet
festival, which received very large media coverage.
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