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Chinese call for India's breakup dismissed as not official

August 16, 2009

Tibetan Review
August 14, 2009

India has dismissed a Chinese strategic analyst’s
call on his country to bring about the
dismemberment of the Indian state into 20-30
states like Europe as an expression probably of
individual opinion. "The article in question
appears to be an expression of individual opinion
and does not accord with the officially stated
position of China on India-China relations," the
IANS news service Aug 11 quoted India’s external
affairs ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash as saying.

"The Chinese side has conveyed to us that in
approaching India-China relations, China abides
by the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.
One of these principles stresses respect for
territorial integrity and sovereignty," Prakash was further quoted as saying.

Mr Prakash had further said India’s policy would
not be reassessed in light of the Chinese
official think tank’s publication of the article
by one of its strategic analysts. He had alluded
to an existing strategic and cooperative
partnership between India and China and stressed
that "the pace of exchanges has gained momentum in recent years".

The article in question was written in Chinese by
Zhan Lue and posted Aug 8 on the website of China
International Institute for Strategic Studies
(CIISS), an influential think tank that advises
the Chinese government on global and strategic issues.

The ruling Indian National Congress Aug 12
dismissed the article as a "paranoid
hallucination" of an individual which does not
deserve the seriousness of a resurgent India,
reported PTI news service Aug 12. "At best, it
could be described as the paranoid hallucination
of an individual...India is an inclusive
democracy, a confident democracy which has got
its rightful place in the comity of nations. It
does not deserve the seriousness of a resurgent
India," party spokesman Manish Tewari was quoted as saying.

Tiwari was reported to have noted that western
thinkers too had postulated the theory of
Balkanisation of India in the 1950s and 1960s.

While official responses in India were
dismissive, The Economic Times (India) Aug 12
noted that the article had aroused strong
sentiments in India where it said many saw this
as a reflection of the hardline thinking in
Beijing. It cited China watchers as pointing out
that an article of this nature would have been
vetted by the Chinese government.

The report cited Strategic experts in India as
seeing it as a reflection of the growing hardline
approach in China towards India. "This is part
and parcel of hardline approach of think tanks
(in China). They are trying to take advantage of
India’s pliability," it quoted Indian strategic
analyst Mr Brahma Chellaney as saying.
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