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French senators urge China to implement provisions of genuine autonomy in Tibet

September 7, 2009

TibetNet - September 05, 2009

A three-member French Parliamentarians who visited the Tibetan community in
Dharamsala had urged the Chinese government to implement the provisions of
national regional autonomy in Tibet as enshrined in the constitution.

The envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama presented the memorandum on
genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people to the Chinese government during
their eight round of talks in Beijing last year. The memorandum puts forth
the aspiration for the integrity of the Tibetan nationality and the
preservation of their rich and distinct history, culture, language and
spiritual tradition and other issues which can be met through application of
the principles on autonomy of the Constitution of the People's Republic of

The French senators participated in the celebration of 49th anniversary of
the Tibetan democracy day on 2 September. They also visited various
educational, cultural and religious institutions during their five-day

"Despite having a divergent views on various issues that come up for
discussion in the French Senate, the members are united in their attitude
and concern on Tibet's problem," Mr Jean Francois Humbert, senator from
Franche Comte province in Eastern France affiliated to the right party told
local and international reporters.

"Our visit to Dharamsala symbolises the French people's solidarity and
support for the Tibetan people and was never aimed to harm the sentiments of
the Chinese people," Mr Humbert said.

He further said we are not enemy of China and we don't want to defeat China,
but what we want to tell the Chinese government is that what is happening
inside Tibet is not acceptable.

He emphasised that Tibet's problem is not an internal issue of China, it is
rather included in the list of some of the most pressing issues of the
international community.

He said the French people consider Tibet as an very important issue which is
concerned with survival of its unique culture, language, culture and the
non-violent struggle of the Tibetan people.

"We were able to experience and enrich our understanding of the issue of
Tibet during our visit to Dharamsala. We will convey the message to the
people of France", he added.

Mr Thierry Repentin, senator, affiliated to the Socialist Party and member
of the Tibet Information Group, urged the world parliamentarians to visit
Tibet and understand the problems of the Tibetan people living under the
Chinese government's repressive policies.

He said the French Parliament had passed three resolutions on Tibet and the
members take strong interest in reviewing and studying the issue of Tibet.

The senators will meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Delhi on 5
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