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Beijing's new mayor promises 'high caliber' Olympics

January 28, 2008

BEIJING 2008-01-26 (AP) - Beijing's new mayor formally took office
Saturday and immediately promised to ensure that the Summer Olympics
would make China proud.

In brief remarks to reporters after being formally appointed by the
legislature, Mayor Guo Jinlong twice mentioned this August's Olympics,
underscoring the event's importance to the city and China's Communist
Party leadership.

«We will successfully hold a high-caliber Olympics and Paralympics with
distinguishing features, and the preparations and services should be
done at the highest standard and with the best spirit so as to make a
contribution to the realization of the 100-year dream of the Chinese
nation,» Guo said.

Guo did not elaborate on the dream, but leaders often talk of China's
resumption of its historical status as a world leader as a long-term

Like his mentor, Chinese President Hu Jintao, Guo ran China's
often-restive Himalayan region of Tibet for several years. He then took
over as party chief of Anhui, a poor, overcrowded and mainly
agricultural eastern province. Guo, who is 60, was named acting mayor in
November following a party leadership reshuffle.

In his remarks, Guo said he would carry out party policies and make
Beijing a prosperous capital. «We will strive to make Beijing one of the
most thriving, civilized, harmonious and livable cities in the country,»
he said.
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