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Japanese and Tibetans Protest Against China's "Tibet Exhibition"

September 21, 2009

TibetCustom - September 19, 2009

Tokyo: About hundred Japanese and Tibetans gathered at Tokyo Ueno Takecho
Park to demonstrate against the Chinese exhibition "Tibet - Treasures from
the Roof of the World" at Ueno Royal Museum. The Museum and certain Japanese
media and commercial bodies in collaboration with Chinese government had
organised the exhibition.

The Japanese supporters and Tibetans point of view is that the exhibition is
staged by Chinese government to mislead the Japanese public and the world
into believing that they are not the destroyers but the real guardian of
Tibetan religious culture.

The Japanese chapter of International Alliance Against the "Tibet
Exhibition" and supported by Tibet Support Groups and Tibetan community
organized the demonstration. Mr. Lhakpa Tshoko, the Representative of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East Asia thanked the organizers and the
participants for their sincere support and dedication toward the Tibetan
cause. He said the world is well aware of the invasion of Tibet by Chinese
communist force and how the 6000 monasteries were being destroyed and how
peaceful and religious people of Tibet were subjected tremendous suffering.

"The exhibits and the documents at the exhibition are purposely designed to
show the Chinese Government as the benevolent guardian of Tibetan culture.
All the exhibits are stolen and confiscated religious and cultural objects
from the Tibetan monasteries and private homes. Purpose of Exhibition Hall
and Museum is to portray the truth about something that will inspire and
educate people. As this exhibition does not answer to this purpose, the
Museum is not doing justice to the purpose and dignity as a recognised
Japanese Museum."

The speech of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's representative was well received
with loud applause from the gathering. The participants came in black attire
to show opposition to the exhibition and to show respect to the Tibetans who
died in Tibet since 10th March last year. The participants took a silent
march with Tibetan flags and banners from the Park to main Tokyo Ueno Park,
the venue of the exhibition. The march course of some forty minutes passed
through the main street of the city, the organisers explained about the
purpose of the march and situation in Tibet through loudspeaker during the
march. Many passers-by waved and raised hand in support.

On reaching Tokyo Ueno Park, the participants raised slogan of "Free Tibet".
This was followed by a seminar on Tibet at Tokyo Exhibition Hall in the
Park. Tibet Art Forum, one of the Tibet Support Groups organised this
seminar. Representative Lhakpa Tshoko described the situation in Tibet and
requested the Japanese people's support for justice and freedom in Tibet.
Mr. Miyoshi, Representative of the organizers explained about the misleading
nature of the current exhibition and dwelt on certain historical facts to
show the propagandist nature of the exhibition.

Main speaker of the seminar, Prof Tazaki Kunihiko of Tokyo University spoke
on the brief history of Tibet and its Buddhist culture and stressed on
independent nature of Tibetan nationhood. He said the justice and freedom is
important for all, and those who are in free country should be able to
appreciate this blessing by being an active guardian of this blessing. He
said to be able to do something for Tibet; it is important take interest in
Tibetan history and culture. His speech was followed by questions and
answers time.

Many participants expressed their satisfaction for being able to participate
in the march saying that this gave them an opportunity to vent their emotion
against the exhibition organisers and the Japanese collaborators. Many said
that the Museum should display the Tibetan version of the history and invite
representative of His Holiness to address the Museum visitors. Some Japanese
said they are really sorry to the Tibetans that this kind of things is
happening in Japan, which is suppose to be a free country.

The exhibition is said to last till next January, the participants and the
representatives of various Tibet Support group announced that some kind of
demonstrations would be carried throughout the exhibition. This was well
received by audience with loud applause. Some journalists were also seen
during the march and the seminars interviewing and covering the event.
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