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"I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. It is the foundation for world peace."

Child Haven wins wide support

September 24, 2009

South Asian Focus - September 23 2009

When the founder of Child Haven International spoke to the Unitarian
Congregation in Mississauga recently, his message was clear: Children are
precious and need to be taken care of worldwide.

"The most wondrous and beautiful thing in creation is the face of a child, a
face full of curiosity and mystery," said Fred Cappuccino, who along with
his wife Bonnie founded the international charity that helps children in
developing countries.

Cappuccino told the congregation that children are sacrificed during times
of war and conflict.

"First we have to know of the military war machine that is devouring our
children and then engage in the struggle to stop it," said Cappuccino. "In
the words of Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King, you don't accept injustice.
You really stand up against it, but you come to see that you have a more
powerful weapon when you stand up against it through non-violent methods."

Child Haven assists children in South Asian countries who are in need of
food, education, medical care, shelter, clothing and emotional and moral

Since 1985, Cappuccino and his wife Bonnie have set-up five homes in India
and one each in Nepal, Tibet, and Bangladesh.

Cappuccino and his wife, both members of the Order of Canada, live in a
pioneer log cabin near Maxville, a small rural community in eastern Ontario.
In addition to having two biological sons, they are the adoptive parents to
19 children from 11 countries.

A small group of about 225 people also came together at Swagat Restaurant in
Mississauga over the weekend to raise funds for Child Haven.

Dr Gagan Bhalla and Uma Bhalla, the organizers of this event, said greatness
in any human endeavour can be marked by nobility of purpose; principles by
which the purpose is served; values imbibed and behaviours manifested by
people in achieving the purpose; and the lives inspired and impacted in a
positive way.

The event was emceed by Rohan Bhalla and Chetna Mistry.

There was also a display of clothes and jewelry for people to browse through
and shop from, to contribute towards this noble cause.
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