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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Tibetans & Chinese in Sydney join together to protest the 60 years of tyrannical rule by the Chinese Communist Party

September 30, 2009

TibetCustom - September 29 2009

Chinatown in Sydney today witnessed an outstanding display of camaraderie
and courage to speak out between a large number of the Han Chinese community
and the Tibetan community as they joined together to voice their unified
outrage at the passing of 60 unchallenged years of communist brutality and

This is the 60 year mark which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plans to
celebrate in a propaganda frenzy, to attempt to portray themselves as a
legitimate government, which has some regard for its own constitution the
welfare of its citizens, as developed democratic nations do outside of

All of the speakers stressed that this is the right time to take a stand
against the corruption and lies of the CCP, and to demand visible
accountability for the deaths, torture and corruption which are the
hallmarks of their regime.

The Vietnamese speaker concurred similar problems of death, torture and
corruption in Vietnam, under their communist regime, and clearly conveyed
the empathy which the Vietnamese people feel for those in China suffering a
similar fate under the CCP.

Mr Yang Jun from Global Victims of Communism Inc stated that over its 5000
year history, this communist regime has been the worst for the people
ofChina, and that Chinese people should take a stand right now to demand an
explanation and apology for the millions of lives which were lost during
this 60 period of greed and corruption.

Mrs Dadon, the Tibetan (Mandarin) spokesperson said that the Chinese
Government is trying to generate conflict between the Han Chinese and
Tibetan people living inside China. She pointed out that 50 years have
passed since the Tibetan occupation, which have been 50 years of the CCP
trying to vilify His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and 50 years of them trying
desperately to undermine his proposed Middle Way Approach by accusing the
proposal of having a hidden agenda to expel all Han Chinese people from

Mrs Dadon requested the Chinese, the Tibetans, the Uyghurs and the Inner
Mongolians to come together in a united fight against the injustices
inflicted on their communities by the CCP.

Mr Tenpa Dugdak, the Tibetan (English) spokesperson stressed that this
anniversary marks 60 years of torture, brutality, death and immeasurable
suffering for all citizens in the grips of the CCP authority.

He stressed that for Tibetans, the Tibetan struggle is not about territory
or power, but about the survival of the Tibetan identity, culture and
religion, which incidentally affects Chinese people as well, as many of them
are Buddhist or like to practice their chosen religion. All religions are
not tolerated well by the CCP within China. In the case of Tibetan Buddhism,
good examples of the unjust policies of the CCP were the destructions of
6000 monasteries, and the introduction of a law demanding CCP permission
before a lama can reincarnate, an unusual request from a government which
does not believe in reincarnation.

Another example is the protests in Tibet early in 2008. The CCP represented
the events in Lhasa 2008 as racial tension, when it was in fact a protest
against unjust CCP government policies which are in contravention of the
Chinese Constitution. Over 100 peaceful protests took place through the
ethnically Tibetan areas in 2008, and only 2 of those were categorised non
peaceful. The CCP then used the media to manipulate reports which portrayed
an image of violent Tibetans to the Chinese masses, and misled them into
believing that the protests were directed towards the Chinese people
themselves, instead of against the CCP regime, in order to create a rift
between the Han Chinese people and the Tibetans. This rift also had a bonus
bi product for the CCP of inducing fervent patriotism from the fearful
Chinese masses, which facilitated further manipulation by the regime. It was
a dishonest strategy which has reaped terrible consequences of fear and
defensiveness between Han and Tibetan citizens, which has produced the
desired rift and racism. The CCP propaganda machine continues to stoke the
fire, which breeds further nationalism and racism, where increasing fear and
mistrust are real and significant problems for both Han and Tibetan

He pointed out that this CCP manipulation has not been effective in Sydney,
where bonds between Han Chinese and Tibetans remain unbroken, as the unity
of voices today clearly demonstrated.

The energy of this bond between people suffering similar oppression under
the CCP will undoubtedly reach China, and justice will eventually win and
allow everyone to return to their respective countries, where Han, Tibetans,
Uyghers can stand side by side, with an new found respect for the dignity of
each other.
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