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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

India enemy No.1 of China because of Tibet factor

September 30, 2009

28 September 2009 - IST

New Delhi - At a time when the animosity between neighboring countries -
India and China - appeared to be thawing, a British newspaper has claimed
that the many Chinese still perceive Indians to be their main enemy.

According to an article published in The Sunday Times, ahead of the 60th
anniversary of the People's Republic, despite foreign ministries of the two
countries warming up to each other, "the enemy most often spoken of (in
China) is India."

Though known to have draconian laws regarding media censorship, yet, China
has permitted and even encouraged free and frank discussion on the merits of
waging another war against India over Tibet issue.

The last time and only time the two countries fought against one another was
in 1962 with Chinese troops advancing deep into Arunachal Pradesh and
inflicting heavy casualties on Indian troops - a bitter border war that
exposed India's military vulnerability.

No wonder, the report goes to cite a retired Chinese officer as saying that
China is militarily better equipped than India. However, the unnamed officer
was quoted as doubting whether Chinese soldiers are battle-ready and also
saying that those serving in the People's Liberation Army are now less
patriotic. "Compared with our last war against India in 1962, our equipment
is much better but the devotion to country and people of our officers and
men is much worse," the report quoted the officer as saying.

According to the report, veterans who know the PLA from the inside say that
despite all its shiny new kit, such grandiose ideas mask the reality of "a
force that has no recent battle experience and is riddled with corruption."

It said insiders speak of a system of bribes ranging from 10,000 yuan (£909)
for a good post for a private soldier to 30,000 yuan for a place at military

"If corruption in the army continues, ideology will decay and open the way
for religion, while the promotion system risks causing a mutiny," the report
quoted General Zhang Shutian, a political commissar as saying in a recent

Meanwhile, Beijing is expected to mark its 60th anniversary by the grandest
martial parade in the history of modern China with a display of its military
prowess on Thursday, an event that "is certain to provoke an outpouring of
virulent nationalism," the report said.

During the parade, China is expected to "unveil six weapons systems,
including new generation Jian-10 fighters and JL-2 ballistic missiles" while
some 200,000 soldiers will march in 56 formations, one for each of the
officially recognized ethnic "nationalities" in China, the report added.

The report underscores the tense geo-political situation involving the two
countries and comes close on the heels of chief of Indian Air Force
confessing that India's "aircraft strength is inadequate and is just one
third of China's air force" and it would take at least three years for India
to be at par.

The report also comes against the backdrop of media reports about Chinese
army and air "incursions" into India in the past several weeks - reports
that have been denied by both New Delhi and Beijing.
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